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Company Introduction

Why video is ...

There are user searching behavior shifting from text based to video based information where most of teenagers are preferring to YouTube search for watching various information for entertainments and even their daily homework than from Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com. However, popping up video ads while watching video is very annoying experience. It is inconvenient for users to watch but most of time advertisers are wondering if it is really effective since many users are skipping 5 seconds after advertisement starts at the beginning of video

Voda (means ‘watching’, catching word for Korean) is a service for providing ads free video-based content watching experience with AI recommendation of user interest.

It collects all kind of video in the internet (including YouTube) and sort and extract them to deliver to users by user’s interest without advertisement, which means you don’t need to watch inserted ads while you are watching video contents


Our Technologies

Video Oriented / Personalized Curation / Ads. Free

First, Youtube is observed by many researches, it’s user transactions are growing fast and does a revenue. It is considered video contents watching platform, but many users are thinking it is very annoying to watch video ads at the start, in the middle of video watching, it gets worse since YouTube recently put 2 ads at the starting of video. There are other choice though, you can pay premium service, subscription service, for free ads.

Second, Pinterest, you can watch video what you like but it is not giving you same experience you have from YouTube, which is pure video watching platform. Pinterest seems more focused on images and not many people are expecting video watching experience better than YouTube.

Eventually, we are heading pure video contents platform with free ads and user interest based video delivery as well as search.

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